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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Makeup Artistry

For some time now I've been very interested in makeup, and recently I have been checking into beauty schools. After researching, I discovered that instead of spending two years and thousands of dollars, I could just search on youtube and other sites to learn techniques and secrets for free. I've found out a lot of new things that I am excited to try out. I recently bought a set of professional makeup brushes and a set of makeup, similar to this one

SHANY Professional Makeup-Kit, 78 Color Palette

I've received the brushes in the mail, but I am anxiously awaiting the makeup. I can't wait to try it out on myself and others.

When I was a senior in high school my friend and I were thinking about opening up a shop of our own which would provide full services for Prom, or other fancy outings for girls. We'd style hair, do makeup, give pedicures and manicures, and also sell and create custom modest dresses. It would be the place to go for any high school girl. Even though that dream didn't really happen, I've always held on to my love for sewing, makeup and spa activities. I've recently been looking into facials that can be made with everyday items at home, and finding new ways to treat myself to an "all about me" day.

So, questions for today: What do you do to treat yourself? Do you like to pamper yourself? Do you take time off to do something you love, even though others may think you are "working?" (My Dad likes to work in his garden on his days off. I consider that work). Is there somewhere you go to to be yourself and escape from everyday life?

-Heidi Nicole


  1. That dream to open a one-stop store for special outings seems amazing. I think you should strive to make that happen, I already know it would be a success.

  2. Great question Heidi. (I need you to help me with makeup by the way!) I treat myself with books, crafts and family history. They all take me to a place that I haven't been before.

  3. haha I'm not a pro or anything, but thanks! I'm bug on family history too. I always seem to run out of time for it, but when I do get on it I'm addicted. Its definitely a way to lose your mind in something else! Reading is great too. Another thing I need to find more time for. . .

  4. To the Anonymous commenter above: thank you! I really think it would be great. I've kindof taken a different direction, but I still would love to pull some talented people together and try it!

  5. I apologize for posting my hair comment under the wrong title. I meant to put it here to go along with the subject. I noticed the tone and you sounded quite defensive. Don't worry my dear I'm not here to judge/criticize your choices, I'm just another soul who happens to be curious with life and people's decisions.

  6. Its alright. The only reason I decided to let myself get defensive is because I've had a lot of people be like "oh you dyed your hair. Are you going through a phase?" and crap like that, so I've got tired of it and thought I'd voice my opinion in case others were reading it. You're fine!

  7. For anyone that really knows Heidi, coloring her hair was expected and long overdue. Her beautiful red hair will always be red, but her personality gets joy out of the change in colors. Nothing wrong with that. And by the way, Heidi's life is one big happy phase. We should all catch the fever.