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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Makeup and hair tools

First of all, thanks to those who have asked me questions so far! I was so excited to get them and I've been researching and comparing info and I'll soon be posting answers! Before I do though, I thought I would share with you the products/items that I use when I'm playing with makeup and hair! I meant to have these more organized, but for some reason they uploaded in a random order. Oh well!

First of all, I'm not a big fan of hairspray, but it is definitely handy when it comes to those little fly-aways and keeping certain styles in check. I like to use White Rain Extra Hold. It isn't so strong that it makes your hair hard, but it holds your hair in place. For those times when you need something to stay put for real, use Aussie Instant Freeze. The second you spray this your hair will not move. It really does instantly freeze your hair in place. I would probably use this for an up-do, or if I had a style I really wanted to stay in while doing something active like going to a dance, but I don't use it everyday. Especially not on bangs. It makes them look like a shell over your face. Aussie has a GREAT fragrance!

This is just something I like to play with. I dyed my hair in November and by now my hair is mostly back to its natural red. I plan on dying it either a dark brown or black and weaving some of my natural red in in a few months. So for now, and just for fun, I got this temporary hair color. It instantly dyes your hair and washes out with shampoo. It says to apply when it is wet, which worked well until I dried it. Then the color was gone. I don't know if it is the heat or what, but the same thing happened when I used the mousse version of this dye for Halloween. I found out that when you don't dry your hair the color stays just fine, but what fun is it to color your hair and not be able to style it? So, I haven't tried yet, but my plan is to try applying it when my hair is dry, and then see if it fades when I try to style it.

Here is my new set of brushes! So far I've used the eyeshadow blenders (the 2nd and 3rd from the right) and they are great. I considered buying a larger set, but for my purposes I thought that these seven would be enough (especially since I have a rather small budget).  After searching around and comparing sets that I found I ended up buying these ones off of Ebay from a seller in Hong Kong. 

Here's my makeup set I've been waiting for! My sibling's thought it was a laptop or an ipad haha. It really kinda looked like one and it is so shiny! haha

This is to show you the size compared to my pressed powder. There are 88 different colors of eyeshadow in this palette 

Lots of lip color options!

Eyeliner and Mascara = huge musts! For a long time I've been using liquid black eyeliner, but lately I've been leaning more towards brown or black pencils (with very small tips - the kind you don't have to sharpen). They give a more natural, softer look. I've also added brown mascara to my collection. I used to use brown, then used black for a really long time, but now I use both, depending on the look I want. Brown is more natural looking and does not stand out as much as black. I always use my eyelash curler, for that extra bit of flirty curl!

Important stuff here! It is really important to make sure you use that right color of foundation. I really like trublend (by Cover Girl). I buy it at Wal-Mart. I've also just switched from using pressed powder to trublend minerals loose powder. When you find the ones that work for you remember the number and brand!

Here's just some fun stuff that I like to play around with: Fingernail polish (Sally's sells mini ones that are only $1 and they are great!). Hair glitter and eyelash adhesive - both bought from a local dollar store. I use the eyelash adhesive for adding hair or face jewels, or anything else for fun! White face paint, and a crown! For random fun stuff.

Good bobby pins! A huge must for sweet up-dos. The only kind I buy are from Sally's. They come in a package like this in a 300 pack. They are a little pricey, but so worth it!

You don't have to have professional brushes to do makeup! This is what I was using while waiting for my set. Applicators that come with makeup, some brushes from around the house, and even paint brushes. 

I bought these originally for applying foundation, and I probably would use them to apply it on other people, but on myself I just use my hands. I recently used them with the temporary hair dye (seen above) to get roots and hard to reach areas. They work really well because they don't soak up the dye. 

Just a few tools in my kit: Hair clips, comb, nail/foot file, and scissors. The reason the scissors are here are for those annoying random hairs on my face that tend to grow longer than the rest. I've been wanting to buy a waxing kit from Sally's but that will have to wait until I get more money. 

Lots of eyeshadow and blush to play and experiment with! I really like to buy the ones with four colors. They usually tell you how to apply each color and they really turn out great as long as you find colors that work well with your complexion and hair. 

To store all my makeup stuff I currently use one of these "under the bed" boxes that you can buy basically anywhere. I really would like to have a fishing tackle box though - they are full of separate compartments to keep your things organized. 

I've always had a dry skin problem and I've spent a long time looking for lotion that isn't oily or too watery or what not. I finally found this brand and it is perfect! I bought it at Wal-Mart and its really a good price too!

Just for fun, check out all my jewelry! I used to wear it more often, but nowadays I tend to just wear simple earrings. I probably should start wearing them again. 

All of these (except the brown one on the left and te big-beaded green one) I bought in Chinatown in NYC and I used to wear them all the time! The brown one was actually a belt that came with a skirt I bought. I just tied the ends together! The green one I got from my friend.

I bought this facial masque at a dollar store and I LOVE it! The sad thing is that a dollar stores, when you go back for things they usually aren't there anymore. This is made with oatmeal, banana and almond oil. I've been thinking about trying to make one on my own.

After searching and comparing A LOT of straighteners, I settled on this one and I have loved it since the moment I bought it! I can't remember where I bought it, but I think you can get it at Target and Wal-Mart.

This one should have been up with the makeup, but whatever! This is the lip color that I usually use. I actually got this from my Grandma! The mirror is convenient and the applicator is great. I love the three different colors of lipstick. I can choose which one would be better depending on what look I've got on.

So there you go! There's all my stuff. Not the best or anything, but it works. Once I get a more reliable income I plan on buying more professional makeup, but for now this is it. In my next post I'll take you through the process that I use in applying them! Let me know if this helped you at all in choosing products, and if you would recommend anything!

-Heidi Nicole


  1. You should dye your hair a dark red (Julianne Moore) because your real color is more orange than it is red. 1) It'll look more natural and suit your complexion and 2) it looks a lot classier and sassy at the same time. Trust me on this!

  2. Ok, adding up all the beauty product you much money would you say that cost you? Total value of course.

  3. hmmm. . . interesting thought. I'll keep it in mind!

  4. wow. . . jeez. I don't know how much some of it cost, because some was given to me. The 88 color eyeshadow palette was one I searched a lot for, and you can buy them for the usually price of $20, but I got mine for a lot less because I looked around for a while. My brush set was about $10 maybe. Straightener: less than $20 I believe. The packs of 4 eyeshadow were probably around $4. Mascara's around $4, eyeliner, maybe $3. Foundations were around $7 I think. Lip color items, you could really spend a lot on, or a little depending where you bought them. Most of them I got from someone. White Rain Hairspray: $1, Aussie:$3. Hair color: $7, Bobby pins:$6, Lotion: $4. . .

    I really couldn't say how much it all cost because I didn't buy it all at once. Probably somewhere in the vicinity of $100-$200

  5. Maybe up to $300. Keep in mind I was given some of it and got some at the dollar store

  6. You never buy it all at once anyway. Just be on the lookout for interesting new things. Like coming across that facial scrub at the dollar store. I bought an eyeshadow combination (3) for the first time, at your suggestion, and I have really liked it. I don't usually change my makeup either. Same look every day. But I've been changing it, and it has been fun. My tip is that my eyelashes will only stay curled if I use waterproof mascara. Washable straightens them right back out, and my eyelashes have no natural curl at all. Confirmation: those bobby pins are the only way to go. We buy ours at Sally's - around $6 for 300. Love them. The others are junk.

  7. Heidi, I was going to suggest that you try the black-brown mascara. I find that it's dark enough for formal stuff, but works with anything casual as well. :)

  8. Yeah, I guess I said the wrong thing before. I actually do use black-brown, not brown. And I agree with you, it does work for most situations