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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Imagine if. . .

Imagine if you were stranded. Imagine if you had time on your hands. Imagine if you had things to say, but no one who really seemed to listen or care, because we all have things we want, but few are obtained. Imagine being a college student who loves to write and needs an income. Imagine you have giant dreams that seem so close, but so out of reach.

For all of these reasons and more I have created this blog. I want to share with you what it feels like to be me: a full-time college student, in need of money, and in want of dreams to come true. Are you reading this? Are you real? Imagine if there were actually people who would read this blog. I don't know if anyone will, but I hope that YOU are. I want to hear someone listening. I want to hear YOUR stories from your life. Stories of things you wish for, and dreams you want to come true, or even the things that you wished for that came true, and your dreams that you were finally able to grasp. What's your story? Here, will be mine. Simple and to the point. Down to earth and expressive. I want to share with you my passions and desires. Maybe they will become yours as well. Who knows? Nobody will know until they try.

In an effort to keep this site a place where people can feel happy when they read, religion and politics will be kept in a broad spectrum, not mentioning certain groups or people, and I hope that if you comment you will follow that same rule, because if there is anything offensive on this site, it will promptly be removed. Anything considered as "adult content" in my eyes will also be removed. I think I will enjoy this blog, because I love to write and express my dreams. I hope that you will too. For all of the above.

-Heidi Nicole


  1. Can you post your "road to BYU" story, I'm genuinely curious as to why/what lead to that big decision :)

  2. hmm that's a good idea actually. . . maybe I will!