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Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to curl your hair!

Here's my response to this question:

  • Can you tell me everything you do when you curl your hair? Every step every details (products and what not). Curious

First of all, I've always had problems curling my hair. I've never been able to get it to look like anything other than Shirley Temple or an 80s hairdo. I've had other people curl my hair too and they've never been able to achieve what I wanted either. BUT the other day I FINALLY did it!!! It was easy and actually fast (and I have thick hair! So this isn't just for thin hair-ed gals), and even better I did it with my straightener, so no need to buy a curling iron!

Ok, so here's how I learned what I know. I was searching around on youtube and found this video. This girl has a lot of videos that are great!

So, I didn't use ANY products in my hair before curling. It was clean and product free, just like Rosebud suggests in the movie. It took me a while to figure out which way she was curling her hair, so I'll tell you!

Use hair clamps to do sections of hair at a time. Then grab about a one inch section and clamp down on it with your straightener. Then wrap the hair UNDER the straightener, and then roll the straightener AWAY from you until the hair is sticking out from in between the plates of the straightener. Pull it down slowly, then release and twirl it with your finger. Once you're done with a layer of hair, lightly spray the curls. Pull the hair you have already curled back into a hair tie. This step makes it soooo much easier! I was worried about the tie creating a "kink" in my hair, but it didn't. Be extra careful and spend more time on the top. In the movie she tells you when and where to tease your hair. I teased a little bit and I liked it. Tease more or less or none at all, depending on what you like.

So, I've only tried this once and it worked wonderfully. Here's some pictures from my attempt! I was pretty darn happy with it for being the first time I'd ever been able to curl my hair

They aren't the best pictures, since they're just from my phone and I took them, but I plan on trying it again today, so if I get better pictures of how it looks I'll show you (the curls look better in person than in the pictures. . . ) NOTE: I added a little more hairspray before bed, and when I woke up it basically looked the same!

I hope this helped! This method certainly worked for me. Let me know if you try it and how it works for you! Or feel free to post your method!

-Heidi Nicole

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