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Friday, July 30, 2010

Eye makeup, pale skin and foundation

Alright! So I've been doing some homework and I've come across the following information to help me answer the following questions:

  • Is it true that if you have lighter skin (pale) you should avoid heavy dark eye makeup because it looks tacky? Can you have an entry dedicated to eye makeup (liner, mascara, shadow, etc.)?
  • How do you propose a person choose colors for make-up and clothes?  Sometimes something you like doesn't always look good, and I have bought make-up too many time that doesn't work because it is either too dark, too light, or something.  (Especially blush and FOUNDATION.)

Alright! So, I will tell you all of the sites that I used for the info, so that they will be properly given credit, and also so you can read more on the topics if you want to.

On the topic of pale skin

Ok, so what I have read and noticed myself is that dark makeup really doesn't look good on pale faces. It makes your eyelids look heavy, making you look tired, or just plain too made up. I think it can also make it look like you are just trying too hard. Stick with natural and lighter colors. Honestly, as I have really had to find out myself, most of makeup really depends on trying things out. As I was searching I found tips for someone who looked like me, and the first thing it said was to NOT do what I am doing color wise and I just laughed because I think it looks great on me ( and I know it is because people say it does). No one has the exact same face and coloring, so you'll have to experiment. I think that with any look mascara and eyeliner are a good idea, but as I've found out, some eyeliner colors can make you look tired or washed out, so again experiment (or if you have the money, visit a makeup artist. I'm sure that for a fee, or not, they would be willing to do an analysis for you). I found the following sites to be very helpful when it comes to livening up a pale face: (in this one the model isn't even pale. . . but I think the idea would be worth trying anyways).

Each one of these sites give info on more than just eye color. They also include blushes and foundations, which will be important in creating the look that you want.

On choosing the right colors

Again, you have to experiment. When deciding a shade of foundation test it against your neck, or as mentioned in one of the above sites, you can even test it against the inside of your forearm. Even though that does work, you still want to be careful. I use a color that is darker than my arm and my neck, but it is perfect for me. If you get a shade that you don't think IS perfect, try using different amounts. I've applied foundations that are FAR too light for my skin, but by using a smaller amount than I use of the right shade, it works out alright. On the other side, if it is too dark try using less.

For choosing the right colors of makeup, pay attention to your skin tone, the colors you usually wear, and your hair color. Your tone is really important in determining makeup colors. Check out this site for more info

It would be a good idea to purchase cheaper makeup (like the kinds at dollar stores or other places that come with a lot of different random colors) so you can try them out and see how they look on you without spending and potentially wasting a ton. When you find colors that you like and look good on you, compare those colors to more quality makeups and find what you would like. Another option would be to try out samples. A lot of companies offer samples. Look around or ask around online and in stores to see if samples are available. Another idea; play around with makeup with your friends, experimenting with their colors too, to give you a broader perspective.

For choosing the right colors of clothes, take some friends with you to the store who you know who will be HONEST and not tell you that you look great in everything. Try different colors and see what happens. I used to think I didn't look good in bright colors but in time I found out that I did. The seasons should be part of  your consideration of what colors of clothes to buy. Check out this site. It has some helpful tips

Try different makeup looks with different outfits. For example, I've come to realize that I can't do my "brown look" when I'm wearing a blue or black shirt, and that my "ocean look" works really well with my green shirts!

SO, a lot of makeup is trial and error, but hopefully this post helped you out a little and gave you some ideas. Let me know what you tried and if it worked. If there was something I didn't cover let me know!

-Heidi Nicole

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