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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Healthy and Delish!

Today is good, and do you know why? Because last night I checked my mail and lo and behold: there was my makeup set! I'm quite excited to use it. It looks fantastic! Once I finish a few other things today I'm going to let loose and spend some "Heidi Spa and Makeup" time! I thought some of you may be excited about that update, but that is not what this post is about. Nope, this post happens to be about my lunch today.

While I was in high school we had several options for lunch, including creating your own subway sandwich. Sometimes I would deviate, but on most days that I took the sandwich option I always went for the same one. Today I realized that we had most of the ingredients that I needed (left over from our trip to Lagoon yesterday!). So, I pulled them out and set to work. I also made my favorite drink to compliment the sandwich! Here's what to do:


Bun/bread/hogie. Whatever you prefer to make your sandwich on!
Sliced Turkey
Ranch dressing

Today I did it without sprouts and it was still good, even though I like to have that flavor added. Just add the ingredients (slicing the olives) and enjoy! Its a nice break from the maybe too typical everyday PB and J.
Now, for the drink.

My favorite drink is a buttermilk/peach smoothie I guess you could say. My family has been big on home canning, and so I used a quart sized jar of home-canned peaches. There aren't any real measurements for this recipe. Its just something my mom started doing when I was younger and I fell in love with it.


Canned peaches (with juice)
Sugar (or other sweetener or none at all. It depends on what you like).

Add all the ingredients into a blender and enjoy! I blend the peaches, juice and buttermilk first, and then taste it to decide how much sweetener I want to add. Once in the blender the amount of buttermilk should take up about as much "space" as the peaches and juice. But, of course you can add more of less depending on what you like. I love buttermilk, and so I tend to add more.

So, there you go. Today I also threw in a cheese stick, one of my other favorite foods. It all added up to be a fantastic lunch. Questions today: What are your favorite foods? Do they come from restaurants or foreign places? Or do you make them at home? Did you try the ones I just mentioned? Did you change them up at all? Feel free to share your favorite recipes/cooking links with us! I'm always looking for new, quick, healthy and good snacks and meals! Just for fun, another Q: Are there any foods that you absolutely cannot stand? :)

-Heidi Nicole


  1. You finally got the new makeup kit, yay! I'm looking forward to all the pictures with you and different hairstyles/makeup!!!

  2. Haha, I'll probably post pictures yes. When I think I look good I tend to go camera crazy. . . haha. I won't put too many though! Just examples probably!

  3. Haha. It sounded like you put the cheesestick in the peach smoothie. EEEK. I actually pour the liquid off the peaches and add buttermilk as mentioned and don't add any extra sugar. The sugar in the canned peaches is enough sweetener for me.

  4. These were passed on to me from a friend:

    Lisa, this is the link to the blog that I found the pork and chicken recipes on. this is the link for the chicken and coconut rice. this is for the lime rice this is the good pork recipe. I used green enchilada sauce.

    She has lots of other good recipes on her blog too.

    Below are the other 2 crockpot/cooking blogs I follow but I really like the blog above she doesn't usually use weird or hard to find ingredients.

    Have fun.

  5. lol oh ok! I like it either way.

  6. Thanks for sharing those links!