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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blogging as a career

Here's an "Imagine if" to think about. Imagine if it were possible to be able to write freely and expressively and get paid for it, without having a degree in English. This is my most current dream. Lately as I've looked at many different jobs that I could possibly apply for that would work with my school schedule I've realized that any job I could take with me everywhere and have forever would be one online. One that would not be affected by schedule or location. I looked at all the "work from home" sites and have tried several, but honestly, are there any real ones? Then, as I was searching I was reminded of the people who make money by blogging. I have long wanted to be able to write and be paid for it, and I am currently waiting to to hear back from a publisher about a novel that I wrote last November. This is my fifth blog, but I've never tried to blog for money. My current project is this blog and trying out AdSense, through blogger. Have you used it? Do you make money by blogging? If you do, how do you do it? It would bring me a large amount of joy to be able to just write whenever and about whatever I want and have that be my source of income. I want to find joy in what I do for a living. Writing isn't what I plan on doing in the future, but if I could still do it on the side and make a profit from it I would sure be one happy camper. So, any advice?

On another note, for you writers out there, what do you do to keep your skills up and to gain new ones?

-Heidi Nicole


  1. Reading is a good way to keep your skills up. It helps your mind stay active and see the different techniques that authors use in their writing. I would highly recommend workshopping your work with other writers. It's good to have at least one person that you trust to go through your work and make comments. I would also recommend setting some time aside every day just to write, even if it's only 15 minutes. Just keep at it, :)

  2. Thanks for the tips. I've heard from a couple of people that writing for an amount of time every day is a great thing to do. I'm for sure going to try and fit it into my schedule!

  3. Can you create an entry where it's like a Q&A type? I'd love to be able to ask you questions and you give me feedback. Tips on general stuff from life to beauty products, etc. It'd be fun!

  4. That would be fun. . . thanks for the suggestion! How do you suggest I go about it? Would you want me to make an entry that opens it up for questions from readers? Or should I maybe have an email address where people can submit questions, and then I can post them on here with the answers? That could work. That way I could email them back and let them know when I've answered so they could check back. hmmm. What do you think?