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Monday, August 2, 2010


So I'm making this point in reaction to the question "Have you ever been to a different country, or would you consider yourself the "sheltered" type?"

Sadly I have never been to another country, but I don't know that I'd consider myself "sheltered." More like and average person who doesn't have the money to travel abroad.

I have always been interested in travel and I have an insane desire to go to just about everywhere, especially France and Italy. My dreams of travel are not all abroad though. There's a great many of American places and sites I want to see. As an American History major, many of the states in the east call my name on a daily basis. I have yearned for some time now to got and visit every site of history in America, though of course, that is just about everywhere isn't it? For we are making history right now, we just don't know it yet. My goal for now is to make enough money for my trip by the time I am graduated with my Bachelors degree. My travel plan right now consists of visiting 5 states I think, and lasts about three weeks. I could never tell you how much I want this trip to happen. I'd already planned it once and it never happened, and so I've recently revamped it, and I am determined to make it happen this time.

Another place I really REALLY want to go is the Bahamas! I want to stay at Atlantis!!! Dang, it is so awesome. My ultimate wish is to have that be the destination of my honeymoon, but I guess we'll see, since that's not happening anytime soon that I know of!

So, have you been out of the travel? How far have you been from home? What is the most amazing place you've ever been? If you are a traveler, how in the world do you pull off the money to do it???

-Heidi Nicole

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  1. I haven't traveled enough, but I fell in love with Alaska. It is a place to be discovered in many different ways......ah, time and money. Outside the US, I have only been to Mexico as a child when I lived in Southern California. I remember it being very fun and interesting.